2016 and most of 2017 so far, was a blur. The combination of being pregnant and chasing a toddler around kept us home when we would normally be going on our camping trips. Also, can we just take a moment to acknowledge how INSANE camping with two little kids can make you. In all honesty, for the last couple years camping has been 40% enjoyable, 60% stressful, 100% SLEEPLESS. We are slowly coming out on the other side, hopeful it will only get better from here. The boys are natural campers now, so maybe our irrational persistence has done one good thing in cultivating that sense of adventure in them.

We managed to camp on Mount Bigelow for Owen’s birthday in April 2016 – all I remember is that it was REALLY cold and windy. We welcomed baby Ames two weeks later! We did another trip to Mount Bigelow when Ames was a few months old. We skipped the Colorado trip that summer. We made it to Fool Hollow Lake last October. And then I think we didn’t go anywhere this year until JULY – for our Colorado trip. It doesn’t seem like we’ve been that lame, but we HAVE!

It’s also been SO busy. David has been traveling quite a bit for work and it seems like weekends get scheduled out so quickly these days. After our summer Colorado trip (which I might come back and make a post for, we had a blast with our Brother/Sister in law and the girl cousins) we made a point to book one trip a month until the end of the year, JUST SO WE WILL GO. I will try, once again to keep up with this little camping blog. It really is so fun to look back on, see pictures of the kids (if we took pictures!) and is actually a good resource for us to remember things when we do repeat trips!



One year!

It’s been a year full of fresh mountain air, pine needles, dirt/mud, campfires, lakes and a bear. We’ve spent time with great friends and family out in the wild, making so many fun memories! So thankful for our decision to make adventures a priority for our family this year. And cheers to many more years!

I’d like to think we’ll write up a “What We’ve Learned” review of our first year with The Dutch Oven. We’ll see.